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How Lipstick & Fake Nails Got Me 10 Sales

It was memorial day,  and I recall the day as if it were yesterday. Denver Colorado. I woke up, went to the gym got a good workout in and felt like a million bucks. The weights seemed lighter, the temperature outside felt perfect. I got to my place and everyone was in a good mood. Everything seemed as if it were just right. I opened the fridge made myself a healthy breakfast, showered and life was just wonderful. Was it? or without me even knowing I was about to have a 10 day ! Yes 10 sales in a day. The alarm went off that notified me it was time to show up to the meeting and my first “Oh Shit” moment happened. My manager said alright guys n gals exciting news to announce! were going to the Baseball game tomorrow. The Colorado Rockies ! everyone was super excited to …

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