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100% Commission Door to Door Sales Questions Answered

Hello, door to door mastery fans!? What’s shaken? This blog is going to be geared towards a question from a fan from one of my social media accounts. Damion T. says “Hi Paul, I have a question and I hope you can help me. I live in Ireland and used to work door to door for a good few years in Poland, I was good at it and became a manager and then I had my own office. However, it was getting worst and had to close my business. I moved to Ireland and for eight years have been working as a kitchen porter. I was thinking about getting back into sales and working in alarms as you have. Can you help me?” Now, this is very common in door to door sales. You do really well and then eventually get burnt out at the end and end up quitting. …

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How Much Money Do Door To Door Sales People Make ?

“The answer is $52,543.93.” I’m just kidding. My management team gets asked this question often. There is no way to answer it with a set number. Instead, there is a range of income a Door Knocker can generate depending on their dedication and sales. This also depends on the way in which a company pays commissions. Commissions for Door to Door sales is typically set up in three ways: (1) 100% Commission, (2) Base Salary, or (3) Either Base Salary or Commissions. 100% Commission When a sales rep gets a sale, they get paid a set amount which is called a commission. This set amount may be a fixed number such as $5 or a percentage such as 5% of what they sell the product for. As a sales rep generates more sales, they will get paid a higher percentage per sale. There are two examples of commission based setups. …

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