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100% Commission Door to Door Sales Questions Answered

Hello, door to door mastery fans!? What’s shaken? This blog is going to be geared towards a question from a fan from one of my social media accounts. Damion T. says “Hi Paul, I have a question and I hope you can help me. I live in Ireland and used to work door to door for a good few years in Poland, I was good at it and became a manager and then I had my own office. However, it was getting worst and had to close my business. I moved to Ireland and for eight years have been working as a kitchen porter. I was thinking about getting back into sales and working in alarms as you have. Can you help me?”

Now, this is very common in door to door sales. You do really well and then eventually get burnt out at the end and end up quitting. Your sales can fall down as well and you may not be producing as much. In my Masterd2d.com program, module one is something you can refer to and stick behind. You need to accomplish the goals you set out for yourself. Once you accomplish the goals you need to put money aside. For example, if your first goal is a 5000-dollar sale then you need to put it aside. You do not touch that money. That money is simply to prove to yourself that this profession is going to take you somewhere big. When you first begin in sales you need to put money aside for rainy days to come. You need that cushion money in case the economy drops or something else happens. By doing this you will see the full value of the job and that sales are a meaningful and rewarding job all around, to begin with. So, you follow the goal strategy and saving money but then you end up progressing and what tends to happen is people tend to complicate the sale and they begin to overthink the sale process and end up getting frustrated. Eventually, they fall off the face of the earth and quit. They later find out that there is no other opportunity such as door knocking and they tend to jump back in. Now, some may say they hate the job but could it be because you’re frustrated with the results that you are getting? Think about it!

Damion, I love security! I stick behind this product and I use it in my own home. Solar that goes up on the roof, I love as well. I stick behind the product even if customers want to lease it. Pest control, I stick behind. I used to live in Arizona and I had to purchase pest control to maintain my living area. Go and select a product that you stick behind that you believe in and fully support its benefits. I am not here to sell you in on alarm systems or sales but I am here to tell you without the belief of your product then you should not be selling it. Now, Damion, ask yourself, why do you want to sell alarms. I am asking you to do this because you fell off the first time and you need to understand that your success is not going to come overnight but over a period of time if you work at it really hard. There is a lot to do and you just need to work on it one day at a time. Now, as for the commission part, the mass majority do not want one hundred percent commission! Why is this? Why are so many people lazy? There are many people who are lazy and may hate me for saying it but it is the reality. I am the type of person if you gave me commission per sale I would go and find as many sales as possible.

Do you have that personality? That mentality? Because if you do one hundred percent commission can be great. I only hired based on one hundred percent commission. I never hired based on salary. It was difficult finding people! But it gave me individuals who worked hard, who were motivated and who brought in a lot of accounts. If you stick behind your product and motivate your employees to close one, two, three, four, five, six, ten sales in a week then you will grow as a company. You will grow and promote the job when you find that top seller. People will look and see his or her accomplishment and will get into the profession themselves. You will be able to trust your employee to guide others. Also, weather can impact door to door sales. Here it is snowing and as you mentioned

Damion it is raining in Ireland quite often. I am here to tell you the more sales and accounts they sell within a time span; those rainy days will not affect your employees. I was one of those guys that would not let the weather determine the outcome of my sales. I would go out there with an umbrella, with warm clothing and so on. I highly recommend that if you’re a sales representative get yourself on the pay scale where you can push yourself to get yourself to that next level. Damion, thanks for your question and keep in contact with me and let me know what else is going on with your company.

To all of you who have followed along, I want you to go out there and knock with passion. Damion, remember you may “fall down seven times and stand up eight.”-Proverb

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