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Difficulty Retaining Sales Reps… The Most Difficult Challenge For Companies With The Door Knocking Business Model

We are going to discuss the ins and outs of all the reasons and solutions that I can think of when it comes to this topic. Being that this is the #¬†1 question that I get asked from managers and business owners. I decided to create a detailed blog post so that each time I get asked this question, The answer will be here. First, lets remember that if there was a one phrase¬†answer like, hire people, give them a pay scale and send them to “this turf”, everyone would be doing it. Just like sculpting a perfect body, there are so many situations that there is no one size fits all. The easiest way to learn how to do it best for your company is to identify what the successful people are doing in your industry. At my company and the alarm company I helped grow to over 200+ …

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