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How Much Money Do Door To Door Sales People Make ?

“The answer is $52,543.93.” I’m just kidding. My management team gets asked this question often. There is no way to answer it with a set number. Instead, there is a range of income a Door Knocker can generate depending on their dedication and sales. This also depends on the way in which a company pays commissions. Commissions for Door to Door sales is typically set up in three ways: (1) 100% Commission, (2) Base Salary, or (3) Either Base Salary or Commissions. 100% Commission When a sales rep gets a sale, they get paid a set amount which is called a commission. This set amount may be a fixed number such as $5 or a percentage such as 5% of what they sell the product for. As a sales rep generates more sales, they will get paid a higher percentage per sale. There are two examples of commission based setups. …

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