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What are you willing to sacrifice, to get to where you want to be

If you have been in the door to door sales game for over a year congratulations because you are above the drop off rate stat. Knocking on doors without a direction is a setup for a disaster. Does the company you work for offer room for advancement? Depending on where you are in your career, your going to have to sit down with yourself at one point and focus on where you want to be in the next year to come. When i chose to sell door to door, i did it because i wanted to make as much money as I can so that I can re invest it into other things that would bring me more money. The first call I got from my regional manager was a welcome call to the Apex company. To date I recall the first question I asked him.

I want to be a manager. I want to move up. I knew that moving up in the company would mean that my earnings potential would be greater. As it is sad to note, the majority of sales people do not care to move up to management positions. Think about it. If money motivates you to buy freedoms, doesn’t it mean the more sales people you have on your team, the more money you will make? If this is true, doesn’t this also mean that you must treat your sales force with respect, honor and bring your best to the table every single day?

I know, I know… Paul I’m still stuck struggling to close sales and get consistent. Look, whoever you are where ever you are, today i want you to go out and knock on doors after you dropped the mentality that you are limited to what they others in your office are doing. In my sales office, everyone was selling 1, 2, 3 plus accounts a day. When you surround yourself around closers, you too become a closer. If you want to get to that level, your going to have to sacrifice your precious time.


Most people who want to get better at door to door sales, stumble upon my blog but seldom go through every post. Lets face it, you don’t have what it takes. If you are not willing to fight to make it happen, give up your time and yes even loose sleep over it then your not going to be successful. I hope this makes you angry to the point that you say you really want to prove me wrong. Selling is not about tricking people into buying what you have to offer. Its about learning how to present your products and services then bring your offer to life. When you start off your going to sound unskilled. As time goes on and you dedicate 1000000% of your time to getting better, your bound to get better by default.

How many doors are you knocking on in a day?

How quick do you get out to turf?

What do you do every morning to envision your new life as a powerhouse door knocker?

Bottom line is… If you want to play with the best, and get the results of the best. Your going to have to do what the best are doing. Im not talking about fly by night sales people who sell a ton then fall off the face of the earth. Im super proud to say that I along what many others are icons in the industry that fought the battle, dedicated our lives to making it work, was smart with our money and now continue to help educate and create opportunity for others.

Looking for an opportunity to work under my wing ? reach out to me by email : pshak@doortodoormastery.com and tell me why you believe you want to work with me selling door to door.

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