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Never Stop Believing, For It Is Written That He Who Does…. Ends Up Throwing In The Towel

You have to stop beating yourself up and telling yourself that you cannot get a sale. You wake up in the ┬ámorning all excited to get out of bed and get to the office, your manager hypes you up and now your on your way to the field to get that sale. Today is the day, right ? First door you burn through because you come up with an excuse like you need to get into the mode. Then the next few doors you say your still warming up. If you have been caught in this trap, trust me when i say this… Its the reason you are failing as a knocker to hit your goals. Most sales reps talk themselves out of why they can’t just go out and do it. What ? did you hear what Paul just said ! Yes, freaking go out and just do it. …

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