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How D2D Sales Changed My Life

Like many others i graduated only to  ask, Whats Next? I majored in Business-Marketing and thought to myself i was going to be the next big asset to a large firm that would pay me a high 6 figure income in return for taking their company to the moon. Little did i know after graduation that wasn’t the case. Hey Paul we would like to bring you on board and start you off at $30,000 a year. I then got offers as such: 21,000/year 32,000/year 18,000/year  and this list goes on. Wait a second here (scratch my head) i have always been good at sales, the top sales person at every sales job i ever had. Market a companies product that had a brand and money to put behind it could only mean i can generate millions for them, and here I’m only getting 18-32k in one year? F that …

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