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Door to Door Sales: Learn How to Get More Consistent Selling(Free Video Series)

Are you looking to increase the amount of engagement you have with your customers when doing door to door sales? Ultimately, do you want to become more consistent at the doors or perhaps you own a small business and are looking to hire a sales team that can engage with potential customers out there at the doors and end up learning how to get those sales every single day? Learning how to become consistent and close those deals every single day! Hello, I am Paul Shakuri and for over twelve years I have been actively doing door to door sales. Presently, I am teaching over ten thousand individuals on how to master the art of door to door sales. Now, if you are already in this profession and are a door to door sales representative or door to door sales person, you must already know that you and I are a …

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How Lipstick & Fake Nails Got Me 10 Sales

It was memorial day,  and I recall the day as if it were yesterday. Denver Colorado. I woke up, went to the gym got a good workout in and felt like a million bucks. The weights seemed lighter, the temperature outside felt perfect. I got to my place and everyone was in a good mood. Everything seemed as if it were just right. I opened the fridge made myself a healthy breakfast, showered and life was just wonderful. Was it? or without me even knowing I was about to have a 10 day ! Yes 10 sales in a day. The alarm went off that notified me it was time to show up to the meeting and my first “Oh Shit” moment happened. My manager said alright guys n gals exciting news to announce! were going to the Baseball game tomorrow. The Colorado Rockies ! everyone was super excited to …

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