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What To Say In Your Opener Pitch… This might surprise you

So the question always pops up, What on earth do i tell these people to get them interested in listening to what i have to offer. What should i say. The main problem your having here is the mentality. Think about this, you want the magic words to use so that you get their interest, however no matter what you say they just aren’t letting you go further with your pitch. Lets not confuse this, here read this: 90% of what you say has nothing to do with you getting the sale 90% of how you say what you say does 10% of what you say determines the sale Focus on how you are presenting yourself. How, How, How ! Top salespeople glow with enthusiasm. Whethere an extravert or an introvert personality both sell really well, however know when and how to push themselves in order to win their clients …

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