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Making Sense of Your Sales Pitch and Why It’s Important

Hello, door to door mastery fans! Welcome to another one of my blogs! I am Paul Shakuri and today you are going to learn how to make sense to your potential customers! If you are getting that dreaded “not interested” its simply because you are not making sense to the customer. Your presentation just does not make sense!

The number one reason why you keep getting not interested or you may be progressing directly into your sale but your customers are still not buying from you is because you are not making sense, your product is not being presented with clarity for the customer. You see every product sold door to door whether it be pest control, solar, they are all products that people buy door to door on a day to day basis. I am going to repeat myself and ask how come they are not buying from you? How come you are going out there and talking to 20 or 50 people and are not getting those deals?! When you are talking to your potential customers, are they listening to you? Are you talking with clarity? And does it make sense? You see everyone wants pest control on their property! Everyone wants home security! Whether they do it for themselves, or they might hire a company! You need to be clear on what your offer really is and a lot of times you can’t be clear with what your offering because you’re not buying time to engage, lock and talk.

How do you do this? I am going to teach you a lesson called question-based selling! If your customers are not listening to you and don’t want to buy from you and if you cannot identify that your customer is not listening to you then you need to work on that step first. Identifying if the customer is not understanding your product and or service. Here is one sample scenario of just how to do this! “Hello, are you the homeowner? Are you familiar with our product?” Today we will use the example of solar.
“There are two main reasons why people will want to invest in solar! One would be cleaner energy. Two, people want control over the amount of electricity used within their own homes. Are you sick and tired of the overall constant fluctuation of your electricity bill?” When you are talking to the customer it has to make sense! You ask the customers a question! “So Mr. and Mrs. so and so how long have you lived here? Have you noticed fluctuations in your electricity bill? I haven’t really noticed; my wife takes
care of that! Ok, has your wife noticed any fluctuations?”
Be prepared! Bring those statistics visually and show them how much electricity has fluctuated within their surrounding area. Show the customer. Ask the question “where do you think the cost of electricity will be five years from now? Will it go up?” You have to ask those questions, engage with the customer and do your homework! Again, you have to be prepared! If it doesn’t make sense to you then how will it make sense to the customer?

You are not going to get the sale if you do not have the structure, a set plan! You need to have a timeline and once you are engaging with the customer you can identify where you are at the timeline and you can dig deep into those questions. Things will begin to become clearer and the customer will be able to identify with what you are saying. Once you ask customers questions about your features and just how they can benefit from your products and services they will gain clarity of what it actually does and how it benefits them! Your customers will be open to learning more about the product and will show more of an interest. At the end, you will get that closing sale!

So, what you need to do today is sign up to my free video series to learn more about clarity and making sense when selling door to door. Also, you need to keep following my blog as I have more content on opener pitch, features and benefits, in-home presentations and so much more! I want to leave off by letting you know that clarity comes with understanding and understanding comes with knowledge! So let’s build your knowledge!

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