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Help ! I’m In A Slump, But I Normally Sell !

First off i want you to feel my energy when I’m writing this blog post …. FRIIIIICKKKKKKKKK YA BABY ! I’m pumped , excited to bring you this blog post because what many of you will discover is this is normal and I’m going to break down:

1) Why This Is Happening

2) What You Can Do To Get Out

Why This Is Happening – A Slump In Sales

Everything in life is due for a correction. Paul did this ever happen to you ? YES , it happens to the top sales people all the time here and there, again what they do with it sets them apart from the average sales rep. So lets break into the psychology of why this is happening. There are many outside factors that can contribute to why you are in a slump, meaning a day, two or even three without a sale. I know, i know i get it you normally get a sale a day  or even a sale every other day.

This issue is mostly caused by bad case scenarios you walk into. Whether it be a neighborhood that has been recently heavily beat, or the feeling you have that morning you woke up with a hang over. Momentum carries. It is very easy for aggressive sales reps to get down on themselves questioning whether or not they forgot how to sell. Take your favorite athlete and look at what happens to them. I seen many professional athletes have horrible streaks, break out of it and come back and Finnish first ! Tony Robbins is the go to guy for many athletes that are suffering with this, he corrects them mentally and then they are back up on their game. Imagine that, its a mental thing ? YES , what we do the first few times negative things happen is talk ourselves into oblivion ! You cannot do this, you need to understand that its not YOU ! some outside factor happened and there could be many so don’t try to analyze it, recoup yourself, grab ahold of yourself mentally !

What You Can Do To Get Out

This is what i am best at. Reflect on all the old sales you have gotten. You can even reflect on the current sales you had in the past week, or even all the sales you got over the term of you knocking from day 1. What this does is mentally remind you that , YES ! people do want to do business with you. What most sales reps don’t realize is they are not pitching, and talking the same way as they were when they were on top of the world.

Why is it you got sales home beside home many times ? This is due to the way you feel after you got your first sale ! When you get your first one you are now on top of the world, being that sales is the transfer of energy and emotion you now are exuding, spewing, and uplifting noting but radiating energy that is contagious and people want to do business with you ! Catch yourself in this slump, don’t think it is the end of the world. I can care less what you think about yourself as i need you to understand that i have “CONFIDENCE” in you and know that this slump is going to go away.

Normally what happens is people stay in this slump until they get a “gimmie” sale ! and then this builds confidence again and what happens is they continue back on their old track of selling all of a sudden. Sometilmes i had sales reps even start doubting themselves after this fact saying, hmmmm ok now i got one , let me see if there still is another sale in me !


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