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door sales get in the house

How To Get In The Door | 3 Techniques That Works

Door to door sales people know they need to learn how to get in the home or out of the customers comfort zone in order to increase the chances of generating a sale. Has your manager told you that? This is a very true statement but before you actually get in the door you need to understand what you need to do. The points i will be covering in this article will be: Know When To Ask Know How To Ask If Rejected Take A Step Back Know When To Ask Just because you are talking it doesn’t mean your potential customer is: a) Listening b) Understanding In order to outperform the average salesperson you need to understand that 80%+ of your sale is based on how you present yourself at the door. How engaging are you. Do you take control of the sale and know when to put the …

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sales process

Overview Of A Complete Sale | Don’t Jump Steps…

  All of us want to get out there and close more deals – that’s a given. Often times I see average reps feeling left out because top sales reps keep going out, getting excited, and closing deals. It is very typical for the average rep to believe that excitement and feeling good is all they need in order to close a sale. How many times have you heard a sales representative say, “I don’t oow why I didn’t get a sale today… I felt really good and confidentck.” Sales is an art, and until mastered you will need more than just excitement to close a ton of sales. I want you to always keep in mind the reason that you wanted to do door to door sales in the first place. Many say money, while others say exposure of brand. Regardless of the reason you chose to sell door to door, you need to understand …

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Confidence ! The Single Most Powerful Trait For A Salesperson To Have

What makes a salesperson good? is it the ability to sell a ton of accounts? Is it the ability to show up to work on time? Or is it the ability to manage a team of sales reps and bring them to the victory. In this post I’m going to talk about what makes a sales person a top notch representative for the company they represent. Most people in the door to door industry feel as thou in order to be the best they simply have to outsell everyone. This to a certain degree is true however what most people who have been in the business for a while would tell you, its not about how many accounts a sales rep brings in, its the number of clean accounts a seller gets. What is a clean account and how does it relate to seller confidence? Top sales people in the …

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sales tips

Knowing Your Potential Customer | Learn How To Not Sell Everyone?

Learn To Walk Before You Run When your new to door to door sales you number one goal in your mind is to close sales. Any hockey player would tell you the first thing they think of when landing on the ice for the first time is scoring a goal. Can you score a goal before learning to skate? Can you make a sale without learning to sell? When referring to sales, yes you can however your chances of closing more sales and being at the top is slim to none if you don’t learn what the people at the top are doing. Who Is Your Target Audience I know you want to make a sale, but before you focus on making a sale i want you to consider who is your targeted audience you are trying to sell? Depending on what you are selling, your audience will be different. …

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door to door sales opener pitch

Understanding The Opener Pitch

The number 1 question i get asked is How do i master my opener pitch. If you are looking for the answer, i got it, however if your looking for a one word answer please leave the page because it doesn’t exist. In order to master your opener pitch you first need to understand what the goal is of your opener. Many beginner sales representatives start selling door to door because they want to make money. I began knocking on doors because i too wanted to make a lot of money in a short period of time. With the alarm industry paying a lot of money, guys and gals making six figures in 4 months, whats there not to like about knocking on doors. Now the latest trend seems to be solar, due to the fact that it is a higher payout, less collection upfront and a new thing to …

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