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What To Say In Your Opener Pitch… This might surprise you

So the question always pops up, What on earth do i tell these people to get them interested in listening to what i have to offer. What should i say. The main problem your having here is the mentality. Think about this, you want the magic words to use so that you get their interest, however no matter what you say they just aren’t letting you go further with your pitch. Lets not confuse this, here read this: 90% of what you say has nothing to do with you getting the sale 90% of how you say what you say does 10% of what you say determines the sale Focus on how you are presenting yourself. How, How, How ! Top salespeople glow with enthusiasm. Whethere an extravert or an introvert personality both sell really well, however know when and how to push themselves in order to win their clients …

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Are You Passionate About What You Are Selling? … 2 Things To Get Excited About When Selling

Let me start off by asking you this. Explain to me in detail what your products features are? if you cannot shout out the features without thinking about it, you need to study your features of your product or service. Believe me i know a lot will read this and be confused as to what exactly is my features. Features are the “things” that your product or service and do. I buy a BMW car because it can: drive quick look luxurious last longer than average car handle well the engine size and so on and so forth. I sold home security door to door because i liked the features it had. Here are a few listed: Loud Siren Two way voice Cellular technology Monitoring remote push button activation yard sign outside the house door sensorsĀ  motion sensors Now that we know the features, which btw there are a ton …

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What To Do When The Neighborhood Has Been Knocked Already…. A Sales Reps Nightmare Another Ones Treasure

Coming from the largest knocked neighborhood Arizona, trust me when i say this, turf is turf. I know everyone wants fresh turf where no one has been before but stop and think about it, does that really exists ? The sales people that understand the concept that people will buy no matter what conditions, so long as you present the right product to the right person at the right time are the sales people that outperform any market. I do however believe that there are certain neighborhoods and geographic locations that are better than others, just based on results however do not limit yourself to only finding and picking these places because the realities are you don’t know until you knock it. When managing a team of over 100 sales reps i often times heard, “this neighborhood is beat” and “everyone has heard the pitch” ! To their astonishment i …

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Do Not Advance Too Quick In Your Pitch… The Sale Killer

Many times when i was out in the field, i got excited and wagged my tale like my dog ! I felt unstoppable and this feeling lead me to close more sales. I would find more lay downs than anyone in my office because i was knocking more doors then them. When you are riding this wave, it seriously feels like the customers have more to loose than you, selling door to door. It wasn’t until i had gotten my first customer that told me they were looking for what i had to offer, they couldn’t believe how in expensive my product was, that i literally jumped ahead steps and wrote up the contract in a matter of minutes because this was a lay down. To my astonishment they cancelled that same night. I still remember the lady and her husband. They were inviting me to there house, they offered …

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It Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist To Sell Alarms | Sometimes It Feels Like It…. read on

The mass majority of my door to door career was selling home security systems door to door. Kinda like if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere, i strangly believe the door to door world and home security sales is the same thing. It is odd to know that not many people who start door to door end up successful. Take a look at the stats with businesses that succeed in america. 1 in 10 businesses succeed meaning if you were to open a business you have only 10% of success. Or does it mean that? you see i always believed that stats were based on averages, altho this is true, i like to put my efforts into an above average category at anything i do, hence achieving above average results. If your reading this and your not going “Paul, i know exactly what your …

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