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Home Security Summer Sales And Year Round Sales Pitch

OPENER PITCH: 1)    Hey I sent one of my guys by from “YOUR COMPANY NAME” did they get in contact with you ? (right there you got the homeowners attention) –       They will respond no 99% of the time. Even if they say yes just move on. 2)    The reason I stopped by is because there have been issues  with the false alarms, were you informed about that? –       Again they will say no. At this point you have the customer’s attention. What you just did was shake them off their biased view that when you just rang there door bell that you were not just another salesman. Now that you got their interest they are in your hands… read on At this point your opener is done and you are transitioning into your next step. Step 2: 3)    My company is going to be out here correcting issues with …

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Can Door Knocking Ever Get Fun… The Fears Revealed

How can door knocking be fun? If you go out there on a daily basis and keep getting rejected of corse its no fun. The key to take away from this blog post is… Door Knocking gets fun when your closing sales. Ever have a day where your getting rejected over and over again until you finally cross that sale ? yea it fun after all hey ! You need to understand that you have to be up for a challenge. The top sales people in the industry all go out hunting for their sale. Top sales people don’t hope a sale will come to them. If your new and you want to close more sales, get out of your mind that your new. Make door knocking fun by challenging yourself to go out and find that first customer. Who cares if your getting beat to the ground, know that …

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The foundation of a solid office environment

So I recently got an email from a gentleman who does home security sales out of sunny San Diego. The email was long so I wanted to touch up on many points that were brought up in the email. What you are about to read in this blog post will be the answer to many struggles door to door sales companies have with year around knocking programs. If you ever been in a year round program, knocking on doors you probably know by now that people kinda take the job like “tomorrow” is the day to sell. From my many years of experience I’m going to break down the good, the bad, the ugly and the truths. Most year round companies hire door to door sales reps to bring in accounts. If you manage or own a company, you know the way to making lots of money with your business …

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3 Things To Change To Instantly See Results

In this article i will uncover 3 things you can do today to instantly see results in the number of sales you close, and the level of engagement you have with your customers. Change Your Outlook Increase Energy/Excitement Level Manage Your Time Change Your Outlook Most door knockers get beat up from the everyday grind. Successful knockers don’t think too much about their day. When not getting the results you desire, it is easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking. What if i go out today and not get a sale. No one wants to listen to me. Everyone in my office are closing sales but me. I think its just not for me. If things like this go through your mind, its detrimental to your sales career to change this terrible habit. Know that it is not as easy as one might think, however understanding that the human mind …

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How To Do Well In Door To Door Sales

How? I don’t freaking know…. ask someone who cares…. I sure don’t …. Lol Do i got your attention ! If you have been following my blog, podcasts and Videos on Youtube you will already know this isn’t me. Often times i get sales representatives from many companies saying “My manager just doesn’t care to help me”. Investing in sales representatives that care is one of the most rewarding feelings i get in the world. There are two types of d2d sales reps. The rep that has nothing but determination to be the best A person who wants to “Try” and learn it Which rep are you? If your rep 2, don’t bother reading this blog post because your going to find yourself quitting at the end of the day. D2d sales is for people who want to push their sales skills to the next level. This doesn’t even mean …

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