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What is the maximum number of sales that you sold in a day?

Have you ever ask yourself if you could possibly sell more than 10 accounts in a day? I’m sure you thought of a specific number that you had in mind, whatever number that may be. My max was 10 alarm sales with 1 cancelled, to date I could not beat it. The top sales people in your office doesn’t just achieve heights overnight. Everyone has a certain learning curve with a certain amount of tolerance. It is safe to say that your long-term goal should be to always raise the bar in how many sales you sold in any given day. The question is how do you sell more than one sale a day consistently, but also have days where you absolutely take your sales to that next level. When I would sell my number one goal in mind was to close that very first sale as early as possible. When I landed on turf my first …

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Adrenal Fatigue… Ask Yourself This One Simple Question To Find Out If You Suffer From It

Adrenal Fatigue and your adrenal glands. Recently i have been feeling overworked with all of what i have going on. Last week i thought to myself, im starting to get the symptoms my sales reps have been telling me they have. Tired always. They feel burnt out. In order to get out there and get a sale they feel like they need an energy drink, coffee and more caffeine. Do you feel this way daily ? Your mind is all cluttered and blurry and you just don’t have as much energy as you once did? Sales can get overwhelming and increase the stress to your already stressful lifestyle. Lets face it, you may have a family with kids, bills to pay, and much more. When you are stressed to the point it frustrates you and you get irritated easily, only to go out and not get a sale 2 days …

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Never Stop Believing, For It Is Written That He Who Does…. Ends Up Throwing In The Towel

You have to stop beating yourself up and telling yourself that you cannot get a sale. You wake up in the  morning all excited to get out of bed and get to the office, your manager hypes you up and now your on your way to the field to get that sale. Today is the day, right ? First door you burn through because you come up with an excuse like you need to get into the mode. Then the next few doors you say your still warming up. If you have been caught in this trap, trust me when i say this… Its the reason you are failing as a knocker to hit your goals. Most sales reps talk themselves out of why they can’t just go out and do it. What ? did you hear what Paul just said ! Yes, freaking go out and just do it. …

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Unleash The Emotions That Are Controlling Your Outcome…. Success Can Be Around The Corner

Now unlike other posts where I teach you step by step how to knock on doors and close more sales selling door to door, this post is going to help increase sales from the angle of …… Well read on ! Do you feel that sometimes you over think “Why the heck am I not selling” or even ” what is wrong with me, how come people won’t give me the time and day” Look the answer is your talking yourself into failure. It’s easy to fall into this trap. Most egotistical sales people will grin at this and turn away and to be honest I’m happy they do because they aren’t worth the text I’m writing ! If you want to get good at closing more sales ! Your not going to master it by hearing the magic words ! Closing more sales requires a perfect, clean clear mind …

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