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Recruiting Technicians To Grow Your Business

Ok if you own a door to door company chances are you have been in the industry as a sales person or a technician. The way to grow a solid door knocking company is to have a seamless flow where your sales representatives call in a sale and the technician gets the job and goes and installs it. Same day installations are typically loved in the industry for sales representatives, technicians of summer programs and most of the time owners of the company. Why give a a customer time to think about it right ? Well I know this method works however expect more issues to come up when customers feel like they got squeezed into a sale ! Make sure if you are going to use this method that your sales people sell the job right and your technicians are willing to do the job that same day. Technicians …

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Practice Your Pitch In The Mirror…. It Could Help You Close Sales At The Door

Don’t just read this blog and put it aside ! Did I catch you in another fault the mass majority of sales reps fall into? Reading this information and interpreting what you choose to want to use is not the way to reaching the levels of success that I and many others have ! Plain and simple, if you want the results of the top door knocker! You have to do everything the top door knocker does ! This exercise will only be for your first 3 months of knocking. The more you do it the better you get. To say I did it religiously every day for 3 months would be a lie. Regularly when I got home my first summer of sales I would hit up the mirror, take my stance and pitch. Hi, you own this property right ? The reason I’m asking that is because we had …

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Know Your Competition. This Can Help You Close More Sales

Have you done your homework ? Wait a second your a door knocker door knockers don’t like doing homework ! hahahahahah! Im not talking about the homework your teacher assigns you in school. Competition ! its important to know what your competition is offering and how you are different. In this article I’m going to talk about How To Do Your Homework Identify What Makes You Different Implement In The Field How To Do Your Homework The one common denominator every sales person has is competition. I don’t care what your selling, you have competition. Some niches have more competition than others. Today i want you to write down the top 5 competitors in your niche. What i do to study them is this: What Brand Of Products Do They Sell What Is Their Warranty Like How Is There Better Business Bureau Rating How Much Does It Cost To Acquire What They …

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How D2D Sales Changed My Life

Like many others i graduated only to  ask, Whats Next? I majored in Business-Marketing and thought to myself i was going to be the next big asset to a large firm that would pay me a high 6 figure income in return for taking their company to the moon. Little did i know after graduation that wasn’t the case. Hey Paul we would like to bring you on board and start you off at $30,000 a year. I then got offers as such: 21,000/year 32,000/year 18,000/year  and this list goes on. Wait a second here (scratch my head) i have always been good at sales, the top sales person at every sales job i ever had. Market a companies product that had a brand and money to put behind it could only mean i can generate millions for them, and here I’m only getting 18-32k in one year? F that …

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Does Door To Door Sales Work?

I love getting this question because making sense of it really helps my door knocking students really build the confidence they need in order to close more sales selling door to door. I want you to stop and think about “ANY” product or service you desire. Next i want you to think about whether or not there is someone out there in the world who is interested, has bought or has thought about that item. Chances are there is a demand for it however how high? How high of a demand is there for what you have to offer. So to make it simple these are the two subjects i will be talking about in todays lesson: The Demand For What You Are Selling Your Presentation When talking about the demand for products and services some have a higher demand than others. No matter what you are selling there are …

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