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Ask Questions Like A Successful Person Does

Most of you just don’t ask enough questions. How the hell do you want to get good at something when you’re hidden in the dark. Is it to much work to ask a question? Do you feel like your going to be bothering someone? Ask away. It’s killing your odds of success.

Life is a game about odds. The more you do something the higher the odds of success. The more doors you knock on, the higher the odds of getting a sale. This isn’t to say that you can’t increase your closing ratio. It only means to increase your odds of success, you have to increase your frequency of action.

If you’re struggling to close more sales and get consistent. You aren’t asking enough questions. Ask yourself. Ask your boss. Ask me, ask YouTube.  Ask God. Ask, ask, ask. Here are example questions to ask.

  1. God, why is it I cannot get a sale a day. 
  2. Paul how come every time I get to a door I’m scared shitless
  3. Does the feeling of discomfort ever go away
  4. Can I get better selling door to door
  5. Why is it the majority of sales people quit
  6. What do I need to do to close more sales 
  7. How can I increase my excitement levels about the job

All these questions, are things I came up with on the spot. Some of them I would be able to answer myself, others I would have to ask around. Regardless of what, who, or where you get the answers from, this is a step in the right direction. Next.

What do you do with the answers you get. Do you say ah, ok now I know, and never do anything about it? Perhaps you just try implementing what you learned a few times and gave up because it didn’t work. Regardless of what your case is,results don’t lie. Where are you at ? Are you successful? Are you happy? Are you on track?

In closing, I want you to take a second out of your day and post a comment below on what you are struggling with. Don’t be shy, lazy or procrastinate. Do it now and I will personally reach out to reply to each comment. Ready ? Go…


  1. Hey Paul thanks for all that you do. I have been in the alarm industry now and I’m starting to really resent the industry, the sale, even the product. I’m trying to recommit myself to the company and our vision and what the hell im actually doing. I started looking at doing Solar. However I don’t want to switch industries just because I had a bad few weeks. What are your thoughts?

    • Hey Nick, ya man I so totally feel you. First I want to inform you that this is normal … The reason you feel this way is because the routine of waking up and doing the same thing crawled up on you… we need you to start thinking in goals .. in numbers … you are working towards hitting a number… Think about this , did you ever play a game on PlayStation or Xbox only to get bored of it ? I sure as hell did and my kids as well lol , so how do you make it fun again ? well go online and play other humans and work on beating your best score and crushing your goals, why ? because it will pay an unreal amount … So we need to raise the bar , and we need to add in recruiting a wicked awesome team to grow with for yourself … start building the leadership skill set and you will instantly turn it around.. Shit if you want to add solar in the mix that’s fine but make sure to dominate the alarm game and do the solar part right , start shadowing awesome solar people , email me I can connect you with powerful people.

  2. I am struggling with dilivery. I am sopposed to just set an appointment but they will ask me a question which turns into another and before I know it I am pitching one leg. To be honest tho, I have serious problem getting inside. How do you get inside to do presentation when they have a lot of questions at the door?

    • Chris thanks for the comment. So what happens is setting up a lead is actually a challenge in its own. 1) what it does is it makes you believe that you aren’t strong enough to close the deal yourself. 2) People think “oh shit” here comes the closer.

      Now, I coach many lead gen people and it does work, however, your going to have to grow the confidence to take control of the sale. Your going to have to find ways to sound more confident and take control to do the inhouse presentation by creating curiosity. Cant teach all that in a comment however all is taught in http://Masterd2d.com grab it start closing today and stop coming home without appointments setup.

  3. Hey Paul,

    I have been very successful in the past when I was in finance earning a 7 figure income and unfortunately when the market fell I decided to move from New York to Florida to basically start over. I came across the alarm industry 5 years ago and really liked the fact that I was helping people protect their homes and loved ones. However, when I started out I was doing trade shows as well as knocking but never really focused on door knocking. My income has suffered greatly because of this and I just recently found your program and am looking to go to the next level in my business. I have all the tools in place owning my own branch with a great pay out but I just cannot seem to get out there and knock like i should be. Right now I hit new homeowners and clover leaf around each new homeowner and leave the neighborhood. I do have success but I really want to push through and get to that six figure income level. Just listening to the podcast and reading your blog has really opened my mind and I feel like I am ready to take off but my mind is still keeping me down. My main issue is my freaking HEAD! I gotta get through this ASAP! HELP!!

    • Jeff you nailed it, its in your mind. Relax. Set weekly goals. Chase those goals. Set realistic ones to start where you are determined to get a sale a day. Go out early, knock before others are on doors. Don’t try to make everything perfect, get out and make it happen ethically. You don’t need to be tricking people to buy. You just have to understand why people want to buy from you. Keep at it and watch my videos and even grab Masterd2d.com

  4. Hey Paul, thank you so much for all of your knowledge that you share. It’s helped motivate me, and given me a lot of insight. I’ve been struggling to even just get one sale a day, and it’s been like that for the past week or longer. I’m kinda stressing out because bills are piling up and I’m not able to pay them off. I definitely don’t want to quit, but something has to change; I have to change. I want/need to get your mastery program, but I can’t even afford that. What do you think I should do??

    • Hey Nick, the answer ? Knock more, watch my videos longer, ask me more questions in the email, throw the program on a card and double your knocking hours and make it happen. You have the answer you just don’t do it. You also have to develop yourself, your sales skills your personality skills all those will drive sales, you have tow work on not feeling like shit daily because of no sales, or if you don’t feel that way thats an issue because you don’t care enough, but when you do you have to learn how to control it 🙂 Complex shit, my program is designed to engineer all that. Even my free content, just the free content is not so structured its all over.. Sub to the Youtube channel… DIG DIG DIG

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