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Adrenal Fatigue… Ask Yourself This One Simple Question To Find Out If You Suffer From It

Adrenal Fatigue and your adrenal glands. Recently i have been feeling overworked with all of what i have going on. Last week i thought to myself, im starting to get the symptoms my sales reps have been telling me they have. Tired always. They feel burnt out. In order to get out there and get a sale they feel like they need an energy drink, coffee and more caffeine.

Do you feel this way daily ? Your mind is all cluttered and blurry and you just don’t have as much energy as you once did? Sales can get overwhelming and increase the stress to your already stressful lifestyle. Lets face it, you may have a family with kids, bills to pay, and much more. When you are stressed to the point it frustrates you and you get irritated easily, only to go out and not get a sale 2 days or more in a row, you tend to get even more stressed. This process adds to the burning out of your adrenal glands.

Now im no doctor but i have been reading up on this adrenal gland because i know if we can find a way to repair it and maintain its strength, im confident that you can be on your way to a better life and close more sales selling.

So first off what is the adrenal gland? To sum it up, it is the gland that helps humans maintain adrenaline in the time of need, also known as you Fight or Flight mechanism. If something terrible happens and you need to get to a better state your bodies adrenal gland will kick in and give you a natural high to give you energy to “move, move, move”

Hmmmmmm, can this really relate to Door to door sales? I personally believe so, because i further read that if you are jacking your body with caffeine, not getting sleep, constantly pushing your body to the limit to stay awake and not get the rest your body is trying to tell you to get, you could be burning that adrenal gland. Picture a cars engine that is red lining for minutes at a time , or hours, or even days !!! that engine will eventually collapse. Now im no doctor nor am i giving medical advise but it sounds to me like this is a recipe of disaster.

The more you burn it out the more tired you get, the less sales you close. Sales is the transfer of energy and emotion. The reason why i even closed sales was when i first got started was not because i was a good sales person, it was because i had energy and the drive to just make it happen.

One way to heal this adrenal gland that has worked for me is to lay off the coffee, caffeine, and get more sleep. When your body is wanting to sleep, its because your burnt out. Know that you are not alone ! life is stressful. Believe it or not i really do care for your well being, its in my nature to care. Meditation and listening to what your body is telling you is very important. Now this is not an easy solution, however part of being a door to door salesperson is pushing yourself to the limit and being the best you, hence challenges. Today i am on day 2 of no caffeine and im feeling great. My body feels like it is getting more rest and i can focus and concentrate more !

Know that this will be for 30 days to cleanse and then carefully listen to your body to not slip back in to burnt out mode.

Use this article as a general idea of the adrenal fatigue that you could be suffering from. Google the words Adrenal fatigue or Adrenal Glands and add the words coffee, caffeine and read a ton of articles on it, you will notice you more than likely have the same symptoms as others are suffering from.

Take control of your life, your future and your sales.

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