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  1. I need to find out how D2D sales reps get paid. We are a small (I am going to make it big) Internet service provider in S. FL.
    Is there somewhere online I can see commission examples?
    Thanks and love your videos.

  2. Hi Paul, love what you do. I am a fairly new DTD Sales Pro for a prominent nationwide cable/media company. The clothing our company requires us to wear has the brand in many areas, so it’s not hard for the potential customer to guess why we are there. Having said that, and based on the information in your opening pitch video, how do I go about creating the curiosity at the door. Any information is helpful….

    • Thanks so much for telling me you love what i do, here i sit at my desk used to getting into the field closing sales and making bank, working on a bigger picture idea and i need to hear that ! again thanks..

      Now to answer your freaking awesome #entrepreneur question ! (ya i put a hash tag in a comment on my own blog lol) the opener pitch and talking about your company is an important step to master the right way. If you work for the largest cable company or a reputable one for that matter you have an edge. Sure when you know they see it. But one thing to keep in mind is my teaching about the opener. “Curiosity” who is this person ? ah from XYZ cable, is he a tech ? a sales person ? survey ?

      Hey Mr/Mrs ABC quick question for you, have you seen our trucks recently in your neighborhood with our company logo ? (point to logo) …. THATS BEING DIFFERENT ! so now what you have is interest ! hmm what is this guy talking about XYZ cable ya i herd of them …

      well real quick the reason why you are going to see more of these out here is because that new service we have to offer is available in your neighborhood and we are attaching the services to those homes you see the trucks at… have you herd of that ?

      Hope you see where I’m going with this… the complete details and more on this are in my http://MasterD2D.com program .. stream all the videos 1 time payment unlimited access… if your a contractor its probably a tax write off. Think like an investor my knockers ! i made it big with the understanding that i need to invest in education but more importantly implement the teachings.

      Anyone who wants to get good ! has to fight to get there , when your there coast it …. get started today stop procrastinating ! again http://MasterD2D.com <----- GET IT (close more sales) Click that link ! BAMMM Baby !

  3. Hi Paul, i am into a office automation industry that requires me to go out and sell door to door. It took me a little time to get some confidence and talk to customer but sometimes i end up telling my pitch and there occurs a awkward silence between me and customer that i think ruins my efforts. I need to know that how i can get rid of this silence and some tips to carry on the conversation.

    I hope u understand my problem

    and your advice will be a great help for me.

    Thank you

  4. I have looking to grow our alarm sales through canvassing. Please reach out to me. It looks like you maybe able to help. Thanks!

    • I have helped many people grow their sales forces. I enjoy this as this is my specialty. At the moment i am building the Largest ADT Dealership, expanding their sales force in all of Canada.

  5. Paul I have signed up for your opener video. And I have not got A reply sent back to my email yet. So I can receive the opener video.

    By the way I just found you and been listening to your pod cast. Since last night… Wow we’re have you been are hole life… You are going to bigger than zig, brain Tracy , Tom hopskin…. You rock

  6. Hi Paul, Door to Door member, I’ve watched the bonus video on recruiting. We are still finding that recruiting is our number one issue in growing our sales team. Do you have any additional insights for recruiting a sales team in Denver, CO?

    • Denver is an amazing market and I was very successful there. Thanks for joining the mastery program and know that the teachings have to be implemented daily. If you do what I teach daily, you will see weekly and monthly results. People in our industry want an instant fix. The only way your going to get the huge teams instantly is if you have the right team and huge capital. Know that the top people in the industry all grew it from the ground up. As a startup, that is the way to do it.

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