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Wake up to a cup of coffee and start getting pumped for sales

It’s pedal to the medal time for my door knocking community. In order to be the best at anything you do in life, you are going to have to get drilled in your head that it’s going to start with your morning ritual. I so happen to have mastered door to door sales selling ethically and am here to bring out all I learned along the way and dump it on you. Most door knockers start because they got a new job, and they need money. Honestly… Does that sound like you? Regardless of your reason as to why you decided to sell, you need to be true and real to yourself. Every darn morning you are going to wake up with some reason as to why life sucks. I don’t care who you are or how much money you have. I can teach you how to sell more systems, …

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Success, Get Obsessed With It!

Have you ever seen a person, place or thing you really wanted badly but couldn’t seem to get it successfully? Perhaps it is a girl or guy that you seen walking in the mall, you checked to see if they have a wedding ring and they don’t, yet you still didn’t even approach them? I know I have. Many times over we find ourselves walking past success. I know you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, blog and want to learn how to successfully sell door to door but without learning how to get obsessed with what you want, you’re going to find it difficult to achieve your goals. Everyone struggles with different things for different reasons. In my many years coaching door to door salespeople, here are a few of the main reasons I found that people struggle. Some Reasons Why Door 2 Door Sales People Struggle: Poor communication …

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The Structured Door Knocker Comes Out On Top!

Can you imagine a world without rules, regulations, or any set structure? The building you are sitting in right now, while reading this blog post, could be created from anyone who believed they could construct a building. Does that scare you? If not, think for a second. If there was no one to regulate how the contractor constructed that building, how confident would you be that they didn’t cut corners? Do you think the contractor cared about quality and not just profits? We wouldn’t know. In the world we live in, I’m not willing to take that risk. Is it any different with door knocking? What personal structure do you have in place that will prevent you from cutting corners as a door knocker? Read on. Most door to door sales people, enter the industry because they want to make money. This is an excellent reason to become a door …

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Slumps: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them!

In this article, I’m going to talk about the common issue we all have in our lives. SLUMPS! Things seem to be going well because you’re getting results. Then, out of nowhere, there are NO SALES. You go hours or sometimes days without sales. The random sale comes here and there. However, you look back at your performance and wonder WTF is going on. If this is happening to you, this article is for you! One of the most common questions I get is “How come I cannot sell anymore?” Consistency is a wonderful thing once you learn how to gain control. By default, you want consistency because it gives you a sense of control. Without selling, you start to think things such as how you will feed yourself, family, and even pay the bills. Not being in control of our destiny is a fear we all have. Let’s reveal …

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How To Sell Door To Door

You are not happy with your sales figures, are you? I get it. Perhaps you just got a sales job and it’s door to door. Most people freak out once they hear a sales job is door to door. Why? It’s simple. FEAR! What gets people going door to door to sell products? COURAGE! Ultimately, it takes courage to get out there and off your ass. People fixate their minds on all the negative aspects of selling door to door. If you ask 10 people about what they like and dislike about this, most people will say 10 things they dislike about it in a matter of a minute. On the other hand, they ignore all the benefits door to door sales will bring them. Door to door sales requires COMMITMENT. If you are committed, you will master door to door sales. The Door to Door Mastery Program is all …

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