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door knocking side job

My thoughts on having a side job while door knocking

There is no direct answer. Let me break down the details so that you can better decide what is the best choice for yourself to make.┬áPlease make sure to read the whole post. The answer begins with me needing to know your current situation. How behind are you on rent? Do you have a family? Are you in a ton of debt? How well does the door to door sales job you got pay? Now many times people get confused with reality vs confidence. If you have a family and confidence levels of -5, don’t jump into a door to door job that is 100% commissions. I know you need to get a hold of your mind and all that jazz but until you do, its not smart to make the leap. Companies who have sales reps that are making a lot of money will tell you, do it, believe …

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Focus on what you can do right and why they are saying no

Let’s face it, were out there selling and we believe we aren’t doing a thing right. Sound familiar? the mass majority of sales people are imaginary creatures. We think BIG ! this is good to start, however needs to be carried on throughout our career as a door knocker. Door knocking success comes from gradual progression. Did you know that a recent study shoes that a goldfish has a longer attention span than a human being these days. This does not mean a goldfish is smarter than us, it only means our attention span has decreased to the point where we want it NOW ! Our brain has been reprogrammed to get the end result we are seeking INSTANTLY with all the new technology that is out there. So what are some of the things that you can do right in order to increase your sales. Here is a short …

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How To Create Curiosity In Your Opener Pitch

I always like the say that┬áthe opener part of the pitch is the most important part of the pitch. it can get pretty discouraging to get rejected over and over again without progressing through your opener. If your constantly getting rejected without doing full out presentations then this article is for you. When I first got started, I noticed that my pitch sounded so scripted. I was saying the same things over and over again until someone finally said YES ill take it. Although I believe this method doesn’t hurt in the short term, long term I want you to close more people speaking to less people so you can talk to more people and close more sales ! YES I SO TOTALLY just said that ! read it over and over again. All in all it means increasing your closing ratio. So how do we get people to want …

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Create Healthy Competition In Your Sales Office

The number one way to increase sales is to create healthy competition. By nature top sales people are driven by competition. Top sales person of the month goes to….. When I was in a sales office of over 150 reps my number one goal was to be the top sales person all the time. Managing a team of sales reps, and going out and getting my own sales, I managed to hold that number one title month after month. There were times I really felt like taking a day off. Knowing there was another person who was close to beating me for the month, and there was only 2 weeks left in the month is what kept me eager to push through. If I got a dollar for every time I thought of not going out, but did and got a sale I would be on wealthy man. Wait a …

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Your Morning Rituals To Follow That Will Help You Succeed

If you wake up tired, hung over and feeling lazy… It is time to change. Without trying something new, how can you expect a different result. The most important time of the day is the morning. For those of you who are struggling to get sales, stop and ask yourself the following: How excited are you to wake up and get a sale What do you start telling yourself when you first open your eyes How tired physically is your mind, body and spirit The 3 points mentioned above are the starting point to how successful you become in your daily routine. Whats sad is 99% of the people who read this blog post will read it, skip through it and never implement a single thing said in here. I know your stubborn and you don’t believe that these 3 things can make a difference in how many sales you …

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