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How Long Does It Take to Master Door to Door Sales?

What’s going on door to door mastery fans?! This is your boy Paul Shakuri! Many of you have been asking me how long does it take to build that consistency when selling door to door? When will your closing sales and door knocking become consistent to the point where you are bringing in the cash? First off, I want to define the meaning behind what it actually means to master door to door sales! This means that no matter what you sell, or where you sell, you can consistently go out there and know comfortably that you are going to close those deals! You are ready to tackle anything! From roofing to solar! You will be able to provide information on the product, the process and in the end, you will be able to close those deals. You will be able to educate individuals about the market in different areas. …

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How to Close More Sales a Step by Step Guide

Hello! Are you currently in the profession of door to door sales or are interested in taking your business do that next level? I have been coaching and mentoring in the area of door to door sales for over twelve years and it is very rewarding and challenging. However, once you follow the steps and implement them you will see a change in just how many deals you end up closing. If you keep following along I will reveal my three-step formula that will increase your business when selling door to door. 1. Gathering customer’s interests: DO NOT SOUND LIKE A TYPICAL SALESPERSON! Most of the time when you begin your turf and start knocking on doors customers do not enjoy speaking with you because you may come across as a typical salesperson. So now that you know what not to do, how do you begin to gather the customer’s …

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Millionaires | Your Questions Answered

What’s happening door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with yet another blog! If you are reading this right now, I want you to keep following along because today we are talking about money and not just money but lots of it! Let me ask you, do you want to increase the wealth that you have? I do because having extra money can help you enjoy the finer things in life. That’s what I want! I don’t want to spend or go over my means! At the age of 24, I had a 4000 square foot house and it was just my wife and me who lived in the house. It had so much space and was empty. This was back when I lived in Arizona. I want to break down an article that I recently read and its entitled Five Things You Did Not Know About Millionaires. 1. …

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4 Things You are Doing Wrong with Your Opener Pitch

What is going on door to door mastery fans?! You are going to want to read this blog post! There are four simple tweaks to your opener pitch that I am going to show you how to do! Also, I am going to show you what you are doing wrong. This will help you progress to that second step in your sales, your features, and benefits. The first thing you are doing wrong is talking way too quick. You need to slow down the way you communicate with your customer. Keep in mind that you still have to communicate in a logical manner where the customer will still understand what it is you are saying. Now, the next error found in your opener pitch is sounding like a typical sales person. How many people sound like a typical salesperson at the door. How many of you sound scripted? What you …

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Door Knockers Throwing in the Towel and Going Home

What’s happening door to door mastery fans?! What is happening successful door knockers?! Yes, I am reaching out to all of you out there, and am focussing today on bringing you more information, quality content, to get you to that next level to be able to close more sales today! Let’s talk about the details about going out and knocking the full day with your full potential! How many of you have gone out and have not completed the full day’s work and gone home early? Have you had a day where you did not go out because you were not feeling well? The majority of people who do this fear rejection. They feel that they are not going to get a sale! They think that they are going to go out there and knock all day and not get a sale. Now, I felt the same way and experienced …

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